Hydration Challenge Completed!!!


So at the beginning of this month I decided to start my first step to overall improve my health by basically forcing myself to drink 8 glasses of water every day. If you read my first post about it you could read about all the health benefits and why people really should drink more water.

And I’m proud to say that I succeeded in my goal! I drank 64 oz of water or more EVERY SINGLE DAY. Woooo!! I tracked my water intake with a free app on my phone called “Waterlogged” it was so user friendly and it made it so easy for me to log every water bottle I chugged throughout the day. By the way that means I drank over 2000 oz of water this month!! That like 16 gallons. My goodness that is a lot.

Now how it affected my body:
First off the most obvious thing I noticed was that I literally had to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes it was ridiculous. But my body got used to it and I’m relieved to say that that’s no longer an issue. Also I felt so much better during the day, I wasn’t as hungry and I craved healthier food instead of chips and ice cream all the time. You just feel damn good. My skin got brighter and I spent a lot of my time without makeup because my face actually looked okay! I was amazed.

Now these were things that I noticed, but what was really crazy was how many people told me that I looked healthier and slimmer! Keep in mind, I really didn’t do anything different in my life besides the water, I always eat decently healthy and I don’t work out like at all right now (Yes I know that’s bad I’m working on it). So there’s really no reason for me to lose that much weight but I did. My stomach slimmed down several inches and it’s stayed off!

It’s probably water weight but it’s enough to make a difference!

Even though July is over, I’m gonna keep up with my water intake because now I simply need that much water, anything less and I just feel terrible.

It’s crazy how changing one little thing in your lifestyle can make such a difference!

This is just the start of changing my life, becoming healthier, introducing more positivity, cutting out bad habits and just living in a way that will benefit me and I can be proud of.

To any readers out there that want to do the same, leave me messages and we can be friends bettering life together!

❤ Meish